Who is the Tutor, elaine cidzik?

The Computor Tutor was started in 1986 by elaine cidzik to educate people on how to make the best hardware and software purchases for themselves and/or their businesses, then train them (or troubleshoot) on how to use technology to reach their business, personal and creative goals. That hasn't changed!

Her extensive experience, gained from working for several well-known software companies in the United States and Europe, combined with a BA in business administration enables her to understand the diverse needs of her clients and meet their always unique and sometimes unusual requirements.

Technology changes daily, so it seems. As do the skills of the Tutor, thanks to the Tutor's clientele and their love/hate relationship and use of technology!

Many thanks to the current Tutor devotees, and all those devotees the Tutor has yet to service.

elaine is a long-time faculty member at Salem State University. She currently teaches the mandatory Technology in Healthcare course for the Health Care Studies major.