Rates range from $75 - $150 an hour.

It depends on the nature and scope of your particular issue(s).

Work is done by the hour, not by the job.

It's impossible to quote exactly how long a new installation or troubleshooting call will take due to the number of variables at play (e.g., physical location, age of the computer or component in question or whether you're dealing with a fussy printer or a mobile device that won't sync to your computer).

Emergencies, special requests, and holiday or evening appointments can affect the hourly rate you'll be charged. The Computor Tutor prides itself on competitive rates for all its services. Go on — check out the competition. I'll wait.

Local travel within 20 miles of Danvers, Massachusetts to your location does not incur a travel charge. If you live outside this radius, a travel charge of one hour will apply.


Payment is expected on the day the services are provided.
Accepted forms of payment are "old school" - cash and checks AND new school, Elaine-Cidzik on VENMO.
Credit card, PayPal, Apple, etc payments are not accepted.