FAQs (frequently asked questions)






Q: How will I remember how to do everything I want to do?

A: You won't. (The Tutor doesn't either). Use what you learn, practice, take notes and ask the Computor Tutor to write detailed instructions for you.

Practice makes... you know the saying.

Q: What should I buy (computer, printer, camera, phone, book reader, etc)?

A: Not an easy question to answer. Many variables apply to an individual's purchase and it requires in-depth discussion. Needs analysis is one of the services provided by The Computor Tutor and so is the purchase, either on-line or from a local store.

As always, BUYER BEWARE, make sure you read everything before you buy, ask about the return policy, ask if there are re-stocking fees.

If you aren't certain what to do, you can hire the Computor Tutor to assist you, right??

Q: Where should I buy (computer, printer, camera, phone, etc)?

A: It depends on the budget, the immediacy of the item, and the buyer's personality. Some people need to see and touch before they buy, others don't. Both online orders (via telephone or internet) and stores provide very competitive pricing for computers and electronics.

Check the paper advertisements (yes, there still are PAPER advertisements).
If you have access to the internet, check store websites.
There are coupon websites that provide discounts for computer purchases.
Read reviews in trade magazines (on line or through your library) such as PC World, MAC World, etc.
Ask family, friends and neighbors where they bought theirs.

Q: How long will it take me to learn "this"?

A: This is impossible to answer without working with the client for several hours to assess their current computer literacy and learning style.

People learn quicker in a one-to-one environment than in a group setting.

Q: What is the fastest way to contact the Computor Tutor and get a timely response?

A: By email or telephone at 978 774 7338.
Both are are checked several times daily.

Q: What does the Computor Tutor accept for payment?

A: Cash (yep it still works!), paper or electronic check and VENMO are the only forms of payment accepted.
Payment is expected and appreciated the day the service is provided.

Q: What book(s) should I buy to help me learn what I want to know?

A: There are many computer books at bookstores, at libraries and on-line that are applicable. One way to make a decision is to open one of the books and read a couple of pages. If you don't understand what you are reading, or you dislike the author's style, put the book back and try another.

Make sure the book purchased matches the VERSION of the software on your computer. This is an easy mistake to make, read carefully.

Q: Where did the Computor Tutor learn about computers and how does she keep up with all the changes?

A: Proud to say, the Tutor is self-taught. Three words describe The Computor Tutor's on-going education: research, research, research.

The Computor Tutor reads CONSTANTLY to keep abreast of problem solving, current trends, new products - information which is readily passed along to the client.

However, the Tutor's clients are the BEST teachers. Really. When a client has an issue, the Tutor learns all about it!

Q: Do I need to keep this (cable, CD, paper, etc.) ?

A: The Tutor can look at the collection in question and advise if it should be kept, tossed, or recycled. Free recycling is offered by Best Buy and Staples, among others.

Your city/town may also have a free or low cost electronics recycling program.