The Computor* Tutor: elaine cidzik
Bringing the Tutor to the Computer

Technology Educator and Problem Solver

iT 3:  iTeach. iTrain. iTroubleshoot.

She is: a software, hardware and technology education specialist, diversely skilled (30+ yrs) in teaching, training, and troubleshooting technology challenges. She's been bringing the Tutor to the Computor (why yes, she delivers, no "delivery fee") long before Farm to Table, Grape to Bottle, and Farm to Feet became "things"!

No matter the technical issue(s), the Computor Tutor is committed to delivering timely, efficient solutions.
Working smarter - not harder - the solutions give you more time to focus on your goals and interests.
(Sometimes though, it really is broken, and there isn't any "fix". Sadly, we live in a world where building for obsolescence is the norm.)

Did you know: 

The TUTOR is fully vaccinated, and working! It may be masked and tutor to computer, email, snail mail, text, phone or ZOOM.

Face-to-face working with clients requires some Delta variant COVID safety measures. That means if the Tutor works at your location, masks, hand washing and wiping of touchable surfaces (keyboards, phones, tablets, printers, desks, etc), are required. If a client has traveled by air, the Tutor will not schedule time with that client until they have been home for 2 weeks, and had a negative Covid test. The Tutor realizes these are strict safety measures, but the Covid Delta variant requires more safety than the the initial round of Covid.

Can't help it - Disney does it best. Have a look and a laugh at what Beauty and the Beast suggest...

Now... you know.

Fall Hours 2021: Tuesday AND Thursday only
9:30am - 5:00pm

Monday, Friday, evenings, weekends and holidays.
By request, emergency or shameless begging.

*Grammatical Note
Yes, it appears I misspelled computer. I took creative license with the spelling.
It was either Computor Tutor or Computer Tuter. I think I made the right choice.